Fantasy Petal Ring

Fantasy Petal Ring

An unusual fantasy of a ring, fit for a princess. One dramatic gold petal stands out among the frill of pale milky pink / milky white petals it accompanies. 

Each petal is tipped with small, clear crystals. The center of this ring is a pedestal crusted with small crystals of rose, clear, and smoke, with three prominent faceted gems in milky white, turquoise and milky pink. 

All these elements pull together to create a piece lifted from the pages of a fairytale and placed on your finger.

  • Color and Size: milky pink flower comes in US size 7 and milky white flower comes in US size 6 only.
  • Dimensions : flower measures 2.8 cm in diameter, center of flower is 1.1 cm, sparkly crystals measure 1mm, the milky gems in the middle measure 0.3 cm, 0.4 cm and 0.5 in diameter
  • Band Thickness : 0.6 cm on the side tapered to 0.3 cm at the back
  • Material: resin, crystals, golden metal jewelry alloy

Measurements are approximate and in centimeters.